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C Programming / C Language

ObjectiveC is an example of a programming language that bridges the gap between high-level and low-level programming. In terms of speed and execution, this simple, elegant, and concise language is one of the most efficient.

we start with the fundamentals of C, such as why it’s needed, how it’s utilized, and how it’s used in the past and present programming worlds, and work our way up to mastering all of the essential ideas in our C Language course.

This course is intended to help you improve your C programming skills. The most important step in mastering any language is to get hands-on practice and understand the principles. Everything from basic programming techniques through decision-making statements, iterations, functions, macros, 1D and 2D arrays, pointers, and dynamic memory allocation for arrays and structures.

Course Duration1 Month



  • What is C?
  • Background
  • Sample program
  • Components of a C Program
  • Examples
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Naming Conventions for C
  • Printing and Initializing Variables
  • Compiling and Executing a C
  • Example of C Function
  • Sum invoked from main
  • Invoking functions
  • Elementary operator
  • Increment and Decrement
  • Example of Expressions
  • if
  • if else
  • while
  • for
  • Endless loops
  • do while
  • break and continue
  • switch
  • #define
  • Macros
  • #include
  • Conditional Compilation
  • #ifdef
  • #ifndef
  • Character I/O
  • End of File
  • Simple I/O Example
  • Simple I/O Redirection
  • I/O with Character Arrays
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Pointers Operators and
  • Changing an Argument
    with a Function Call
  • Pointer Difference
  • Prototypes for Strings
  • Relationship between an
    Array and a Pointer
  • The Pointer Notation *p++
  • Fundamental concepts
  • Describing a Structures
  • Creating Structures
  • Array of Structures
  • Function Returning a
    Pointer to a Structure
  • General
  • Function Declarations
  • Returning a Value or Not
  • Function Prototypes
  • Arguments and Parameters
  • Organization of C Source
  • Extended Example
  • The getline Function
  • The strcmp Function
  • The atoi Function
  • The check Function
  • The average Function
  • Summary
  • Defining the Problem Space
  • A Programming Example
  • Bit Wise Operators
  • Bit Manipulation Function
  • Circular Shifts
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Aggregate Operations
  • Strings Functions
  • Arrays Dimensions
  • An Array as an Argument to a Function
  • Strings Arrays
  • Compiling Over Several
  • Function Scope
  • File Scope
  • Program Scope
  • Local static
  • Register and extern
  • Object Files
  • Libraries
  • System calls vs. Library
  • Opening Disk Files
  • A Database Application

Learn C Programming / C Language Institute In Delhi.

The objective of the course is to enable the student to learn strong coding skills .In this IT enabled Era the whole world population has deep impact of computer software in their life .Anyone who has strong coding skills will fetch very good reward in terms of career.

C Language is structured programming language  having features of low and high level language, thus making it middle level language. C is widely using for system programming and electronics systems along with c++.  C and c++ are mother programming languages. C is a subset of c++ because we can use structured approach of programming in c++ also. Anyone who wants to master programming , c should be the first programming language.

C language lacks the robustness of Java and other programming languages so one needs to be extra alert while learning c language. Especially when it is his/her first programming language. Even a small error can further generate hundreds of errors. Mastering any programming requires strong error handing skills.

Here comes the need of best programming intuition near you.Infotech softnet computer education started it journey as the best C language institute in Janakpuri, Dwarka, and Uttam nagar. Today we are the best C language institute in Delhi. We offer project based training and implement algorithms programmatically.

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Start On April 28, 2016
Duration 2M
Level Beginner
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